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Short answer , Yes.

For product designers, to show your product in context you may need a room, maybe a user, professional photographer, professional lighting, professional photo editing, staff to direct the project.

For an image of an interior you may need a variety of decor, professional photographer, professional lighting, professional photo editing, furniture hire or purchase, staff to direct the work, and the waiting time it take to actually build the building the room is in.

For this you may get dozens of images of the product or room from different angles, showcasing it very well.

But ultimately for marketing purposes you may only use 2-4 images from that day. You have just spent hundreds of pounds on 2-4 very nice images and spent several days arranging the work and getting them available for use in your marketing.

And if you decide you want to change something about your images, you are limited to either minor photo editing or arranging another photoshoot.

Alternatively you could opt to contact North Made Studio and allow us to create a 3D interior visualisation. For this you can choose your specific viewpoints to focus the imagery on and we can get the process turned around usually within 1 week.

If you need to change the colour of some items within your scene or want something adding, It is a relatively simple process that can be completed within few hours. So for example if you have a product that has several variations in its design, we can swap these in and out of the scene. And all variations can be shown in the same context.

With a 3D interior visualisation you get more options and although there may be a large single fee, it can actually save considerable money overall.


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