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Ever wondered how much professional CGI services cost?

Well look no further, to help keep things clear and to make our 3D design services as accessible as possible we have published a handy CGI price guide on our website. Here you will be able to see in clear text the features of our 3D visualisation services that we offer explained.

We have broken down our services into 4 packages, but unlike the usual bronze, silver, gold and platinum tier packages, we have rebranded our 3D CGI packages to reflect our love for the North West and our dedication to utilising the creatively of the North and working with North West based companies.

Feel free to check out our CGI visual pricing guide and see which 3D CGI package you can get for your budget. We aim to make 3D visualisation services affordable for as many companies as possible. Our first 3 tiers of CGI packages offer increasing levels of details and upgrades to allow for the creation of good but affordable CGI images, up to very high quality CGI imagery. And our top tier 3D visualisation package is built totally bespoke to a clients specific requirements, with no expensive spared in creating truly astounding 3D visuals.


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