Bokeh effects in CGI property visualisation

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Using Cameo shots in CGI visualisations
October 28, 2019
stone grey shaker kitchen with contrasting Victorian floor wall tiles
Photoshoot vs CGI scene
November 16, 2019

The bokeh effect allows an item or section of a visualisation to be focused on. It works for both items in the foreground and items in the background.
Adding bokeh effects to property visualisations can help to break up marketing imagery. Offering a different perspective of a property or room, whilst allowing certain objects or areas to be brought into more focus. Bringing specific items into focus with a bokeh effect is great for clients looking to market a specific product whist also showing it in context.

For example a kitchen faucet manufacturer can commission a visualisation of a kitchen that includes their facuet. The faucet can be shown in context of the overall room and also have a more focused shot included that adds a bokeh effect centred around the faucet but also showing the surrounding kitchen, but with a blurred effect that is a more natural way of viewing an item in the real world.

bokeh effect faucetbokeh effect faucet close up
bokeh effects in cgi imagerybokeh effect faucet foreground