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City centre flats have been firmly back on the radar for both investors and tenants in the private rented sector, and the trend could be set to accelerate. 

Berkeley Square Manchester External Hero CGI Visual

The prominent urban centres in the UK, such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, and Bristol, have consistently garnered substantial attention from investors and high demand from tenants.

These cities draw a diverse array of individuals, ranging from young professionals to families and even international property owners and renters. This appeal often surpasses that of suburban locations due to their robust economies, abundant employment opportunities, and the multitude of supplementary facilities and transportation choices they offer.

With that said, now is the time to utilise CGI’s, Animations and Virtual Reality Content to help gain a lead over your competitors!


In a nutshell, we help you sell more, faster, easier and most importantly, off-plan!

North Made Studio established it’s reputation on supporting city centre developers. With many years of experience within this sector, North Made is well positioned to assist you with achieving maximum return on investment. Our extensive list of 3D related services allow you to target your potential buyers and investors in innovative and creative ways.

Our products are easy to use, compatible on all mainstream platforms and operating systems, can be sent anywhere in the world with a few clicks and every immersive!

Try out a VR tour below, this can be used on any smart device, tablet and PC computer.

interior cgi 3d visualisation vr virtual reality tour


Computer-generated imagery (CGI) plays a crucial role in the planning, design, marketing, and visualisation of urban city centre high-rise developments for several reasons:

Visualization and Communication: CGI allows you to create realistic visual representations of your high-rise development before it’s even built. This helps stakeholders, investors, city officials, and the public to understand the project’s scope, aesthetics, and impact on the surrounding area. It’s much easier to communicate the vision and potential benefits of your development using compelling visualisations.

Design Exploration: CGI enables architects, urban planners, and developers to experiment with various design options and configurations in a virtual space. This helps in making informed decisions about the building’s layout, façade design, landscaping, and overall aesthetics.

exterior cgi best 3d lomax manchester perspective corner shot

Approval Process: Many urban developments require approvals from city planning boards, regulatory agencies, and community members. CGI visuals can be used to showcase the project’s compliance with zoning regulations, environmental considerations, and other legal requirements, making the approval process smoother.

Marketing and Sales: High-quality CGI images and videos can be used in marketing materials to attract potential buyers, investors, and tenants. These visuals give potential clients a realistic preview of what the finished development will look like, which can significantly influence their decision-making process.

Fundraising and Investment: When seeking investment for your high-rise development, CGI can help potential investors understand the project’s potential returns. Realistic visualizations can make your proposal more appealing and demonstrate your commitment to a well-thought-out design.

Berkeley Square interior cgi bedroom visual Manchester Salford

Time and Cost Efficiency: Making design changes and adjustments in the virtual world through CGI is more cost-effective and time-efficient compared to making physical changes once construction has started. It allows for iterations and refinements without the added expense and delays of altering physical structures.

Public Engagement: Large-scale developments often impact the local community. Sharing CGI visuals with the public can help address concerns, answer questions, and gather feedback before construction begins. This can lead to a more harmonious relationship between the development team and the community.

Interior Showcase: In addition to exterior renderings, CGI can also depict interior spaces, giving potential buyers or tenants a glimpse of the interior design, layout, and ambiance. This is particularly important for residential or commercial spaces within the high-rise.

Vision Manchester Exterior City Centre CGI

Remote Engagement: In situations where investors or stakeholders are located remotely, CGI allows them to engage with the project without the need for physical site visits. This is especially useful in global real estate markets.


In summary, CGI is a versatile tool that aids in the entire lifecycle of urban city centre high-rise developments – from design and approval to marketing and sales. It enhances communication, decision-making, and the overall success of the project.

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