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Occupier demand continues to return towards pre-pandemic levels, with the Q1 2023 value of 8.6m sq ft, sitting just 3.6% above the 10 year Q1 pre-pandemic average.

The market continues to show its resilience despite continuous challenges for occupiers. We are seeing sustained interest in supply chains from a range of occupiers, and feel that as stability returns to the economy the market will again become increasingly active.

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We effortlessly and rapidly bring your concept to life through the use of cutting-edge techniques in 3D visualisation and CGI, enabling you to easily envision your industrial and logistic development.

The value we bring is recognised by our clients, as our services effectively communicate their design vision to diverse stakeholders. While our primary focus lies in creating CGIs, our recent endeavours encompass a range of virtual reality tours and animations, delivering an enhanced and immersive encounter for viewers.

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This is a very good question. Utilising Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) for industrial and logistics developments and schemes offers several significant benefits that can enhance the planning, marketing, and execution of these projects. Here are some advantages:

Accurate Visualisation: CGI provides a realistic visual representation of industrial and logistics developments. This is invaluable during the planning and design stages, helping stakeholders to understand the layout, infrastructure, and overall scale of the project.

Site Planning and Design: CGI can be used to visualise different layout options and configurations. This aids in optimising the use of available space, ensuring efficient traffic flow, and identifying potential design challenges.

Stakeholder Communication: CGI visuals effectively convey the project’s design intent to investors, clients, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders. Clear visualisations can facilitate communication and alignment, reducing misunderstandings.

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Marketing and Pre-Leasing: CGI visuals are powerful marketing tools to attract potential tenants, investors, and buyers. Visualising the completed development helps stakeholders see the potential of the space, making it easier to secure pre-leases or sales.

Design Iteration: CGI allows for quick and cost-effective design iterations. Designers can easily make changes and generate updated visuals, ensuring that the final design meets the project’s goals.

Environmental Impact Assessment: CGI can simulate the environmental impact of the development, including factors like traffic flow, infrastructure placement, and landscaping. This aids in assessing potential effects on the surrounding environment.

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Logistics Planning: For logistics developments, CGI can help in planning the flow of goods, placement of loading docks, parking areas, and storage facilities. This ensures optimal logistical efficiency.

Risk Assessment: CGI can assist in identifying potential safety risks and design flaws in advance. This proactive approach minimises costly changes during the construction phase.

Project Approval: CGI visuals can be included in project proposals to illustrate the development’s benefits and align with zoning and regulatory requirements, potentially expediting the approval process.

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Construction Planning: CGI visuals can be used to aid in construction planning by providing contractors with a clear visual reference of the project’s specifications and design intent.

Portfolio Showcase: Developers and contractors can use CGI visuals to showcase their expertise and capabilities in industrial and logistics development, attracting future clients and projects.

Documentation and Archiving: CGI visuals serve as a form of documentation for the project’s design intent, which can be useful for future reference, renovations, or additions.

Remote Viewing: CGI allows remote stakeholders to view and assess the development from afar, which is especially useful for international clients or investors who cannot visit the site in person.

Incorporating CGI into industrial and logistics development projects offers numerous advantages, from improved design accuracy and visualisation to better communication and marketing capabilities. However, it’s important to work with skilled CGI artists and designers who understand the unique requirements and complexities of industrial and logistics projects.

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