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Computer-Generated Imagery, or CGI, is not just for the movies!   It can also be effectively used to create intriguing advertisements and marketing campaigns for your business.  The full scope of CGI is not widely used in property marketing, due to lack of awareness, however, a lot of prominent companies are now using animations, VR, timelapse and much more on their websites to attract buyers. CGI is extremely flexible to advertise your development on various platforms and can certainly enhance your marketing collateral. 


property marketing visuals - INT_HEATON_LOWER_HILLGATE_BEDROOM FINAL_A01

Here’s how:


CGI has the prospect to draw in your client base. CGI allows us to create the world however you want it to be or look. This enables us to capture your ideas exactly how you envision them – bringing your scheme to life!  A great picture is all the difference between potential clients staying on your website or heading to a competitor. As long as the image can captivate you, you’ve already got an interested buyer. 

Luxury staycation property development architectural visualisation - 3007_INT07_HWF_LOUNGE_DUSK_FINAL_001

Using CGI to market your development enables the unlimited possibilities of range. With CGI you can make modifications when required, for instance – changing colour schemes, materials, furniture, the weather, people, vehicles etc. Allowing the clients to see your development in it’s best light.  Alternatively, they can see different versions of a floor plan and decide which suits their vision more. Having this option shows versatility and is much more likely to secure a sale!


CGI marketing can increase customer engagement; having potential customers interested in your services will boost the appeal and increase the engagement.  Fun, quirky animations or realistic VR tours mean clicks for your website – this ultimately means more sales as they’ll be captured by stunning CGI imagery allowing your sales agents to secure that sale.


The beauty of CGI is you can create anything you desire, any scenes can be created or recreated and any elements can be added. This allows companies to concentrate less on the physical product and more on creating an experience for the customer. 


We are North Made Studio, an architectural visualisation studio in Manchester. We specialise in offering our clients CGI and 3D visualisations of properties, products and other scenes.


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